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Consultation - $50

Consultation via phone or web up to 30 minutes

Consultation - $100

Consultation via phone or web up to 1 hour

Finding a captivating angle for your next campaign and getting placements for your message can be challenging. Our professionals can aid from offering general concepts for creating pitches, to reviewing a specific strategy or even advising on the format of your release. There are many elements involved in generating a successful PR campaign. Branding is one of the most vital pieces of launching your business and building its visibility in the marketplace. Your brand needs to stand out to compete for editorial coverage and airtime.

Power Hour Strategy Session $250

2 Hours

If you’d like a deep dive into your existing strategy, or my help constructing one from scratch, book a Strategy Session. You might want to know how to pitch to the media, have me look over your PR strategy, or simply need an injection of confidence. I’ll touch base with you before our call and ask you to send details on your business and anything you’d like me to cast an eye over before we chat, so we don’t waste precious plotting time getting to know each other.

This is for you if:

You have some grasp on Public Relations and would like my specialist knowledge on a particular area or to help solve a particular problem.

You are already doing Public Relations for your business but want a friendly PR expert to check your strategy and bat some ideas around with.

You’d like to pick my brains on anything else related to DIY PR. I’ve given advice on brand partnerships, targeting local media, how to write an effective press release, how to leverage Public Relations gains & loads more. I’m your fountain of PR knowledge!

Business Coaching 1:1

Starting at $500

We will work alongside of you to help you define your goals, polish your vision for your business, and set in place a series of strategies that will help you achieve your goals and vision. If you the business owner has tough questions or runs into problems along the way, we will be able to help you navigate your issues in the most effective way possible. Having a business coach is much like having a highly experienced partner on your team, and the value that they offer to business owners is priceless. Whether your business is struggling, and you need a way to revive it or you simply want to take your brand to the next level, bringing on a professional business coach is one of the most effective options you have available.

The Weekly Deliverables Meeting

One Hour *Clients Only

We use weekly deliverables meetings to help keep our clients up to date on the projects and tasks we’re working on. This is so they can connect the work that goes on behind-the-scenes with the end result.

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