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This Organization is Helping Women Over 40 Connect with a massive Network of Women in Business.

Wealth, Health, Social and Beauty are at the center of The Fabulous 40 & Over Club mission

By The Holiday Firm Manisha Holiday | Published June 20, 2022, 7:00 AM | Social | The Holiday Firm Atlanta

Miki Riley founded the organization The Fabulous 40 & Over Club to provide women over 40 with resources and programs that will help them succeed as women in business and identify their true purpose. The Fabulous 40 & Over Club is vested in the overall wellbeing of all women but especially those 40 and over. Having a background in the beauty industry for over 20 years as a Master Makeup Artist and Teacher, Miki Riley made a living working with women by helping them look and feel beautiful. Riley witness the struggles and triumphs of many women she came in contact with, while going through her own life challenges.

Miki Riley's purpose and passion is to transform lives of women one state at time, by providing Wealth, Health, Social and Beauty resources designed to empower women to “Look Fab, Feel Fab, and Live Fab”, You deserve it!

The Fabulous 40 & Over Club started with one goal, to bring mature women together to help define what it truly means to be Fabulous.

- Miki Riley

Since then, the organization has grown to host two charity events a year Celebration of Hearts Benefits & Gala and Accessory Me Breast Cancer Awareness Event ; growing a network of over four thousand members; run monthly workshops that includes resources for how to both start a business and get a job after 40; a membership platform that includes a life insurance policy up to $40,000 worth of coverage through Life of Alabama Insurance Company.

The organization launched its paid membership in late February 2022, with more resources, perks, savings, 40 Grand Sparkling Wine Club, Est. 2020 and The Fabulous Magazine coming July 2022.

According to Entrepreneur, we need to harness our unique feminine advantages as women to dominate in business. After years of trying to show we are equal to men, we have not made any progress. Why? Women have been playing by the wrong playbook, the male playbook. The rules of that playbook are rigged against us women. Ladies, it's time for us to suit up. It's time for women to capitalize on our unique advantages as women to succeed and lead in business, Fabulous 40 & Over Club is designed to help women capitalize and create generational wealth. The sooner you believe you are extraordinary, the sooner you’ll achieve your potential and recognition will follow. Gender competition in business is a reality, and as a result women are not always compensated fairly.

Let’s continue making progress on this important issue together!

The Fabulous 40 & Over Club connects women who wish to grow personally and in business with industry experts providing guidance and innovating tools for development & growth. That is the power of connection and our women are hungry for connecting with other like-minded women that are either going through, or have gone through, a version of what they’re experiencing.

Here's a short video from the Founder, Miki Riley inviting you to join


Your stories matter and The Fabulous 40 & Over Club want to tell them!

Media Contact:

Manisha Holiday, Senior Publicist

P: (678)266-8535

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